What is HypMeditation and Why Does It Make Me Feel So Good?

The perfect pairing of hypnosis and guided meditation effortlessly floating you into a world of…

We tend to have our go-to wardrobe and pantry essentials but what about having mood and feelings essentials?

If we could easily shift our state of mind in under 6, 15 or 20 minutes depending on how much time we have, then wouldn’t we just pop in our earphones and hit refresh in an instant?

Well, that is what a HypMeditation® recording tries to do for you. It can be described as the perfect pairing of hypnosis and guided meditation that endeavours to transport you into a new world of inner bliss, where you can reach new levels of deep relaxation without trying too hard. For some listeners, they may find it is much easier than traditional meditation and many people can reach such a profound state of inner peace that it is not unusual for us to hear, ‘I didn’t want to come back but now that I am, I feel so relaxed,’ or ‘that was the most incredible experience I have ever felt.’

HypMeditation® aims to engage your senses to really bring this experience to life for you. Containing layers of calming and soothing hypnotic suggestions embedded into storytelling, we gently lead you into the creative labyrinth within your mind, where the happy parts of your imagination become more easily engaged. And when you couple that with the exquisitely designed soundscapes, where you will hear birds singing their happy songs, ocean waves lapping on the shore and gentle breezes that carry the sounds of frogs and crickets, you may gain that feeling of standing on that beach, in that rainforest or within that temple in Cambodia all whilst feeling the warmth of the sun or the cool of the breeze and for some people, depending on which of their senses are strongest, they may even smell the intoxicating aroma of the flowers or the woodiness of the trees in the forest. The experience can be quite different from one person to the next.

HypMeditation® is like following the yellow brick road, where you may soar the highs of freedom whilst at the same time nestle safely and deeply into the serene comfort of deep relaxation. Whilst here, you are free to plant the seeds for your hopes, dreams, aspirations and the feelings you would rather feel. In some HypMeditation® recordings, we look to gently lift the lid on the emotions, habits and feelings you no longer wish to feel and insead look for ways to engage the positive parts of your subconscious mind to provide you with happier ways of being, feeling, seeing and doing.

For many, it can feel like bliss.

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Q & A


Q. What if thoughts keep entering my mind?

A. Thoughts are a normal part of our day to day. We have a subconscious and a conscious mind and HypMeditation® will engage both, however, as you begin your journey into deep relaxation, it is quite normal for thoughts to keep popping into your mind. In fact as we begin to relax, we create more space in our minds and all of a sudden we may have more clarity, so thoughts like, ‘we need more milk,’ or ‘I forgot to send that email,’ are completely normal. However, over time and depending on which HypMeditation® you listen to or what feelings you would like to feel, you will just naturally and more easily settle into the comfort of listening, and those day to day thoughts may just begin to subside. That is why storytelling is an important part of HypMeditation®, to engage both your conscious and subconscious mind.

Q. I don’t think I can be hypnotized or enter a trance state.

A. We have all experienced trance many times during our lives and it is an easy and natural state to achieve. Have you ever driven from A to B and thought, ‘oh goodness, how did I get here, I wasn’t even focused?’ Well, that is a state of trance. One part of your mind was so deeply relaxed that you didn’t even seem to be focused and whilst another part of your mind ensured that you stopped at red lights, you kept within your lanes and if a dog or child had run out in front of you, you most likely would have been able to slam on the brakes. Or perhaps you were so immersed in a movie or book that you cried or yelled at the TV that there was someone hiding around the corner and not to turn the corner. That is also a state of hypnotic trance. You became immersed within the story even though you knew it wasn’t real. You felt the emotions. So it is likely that you can go into trance more easily than you think.

Q. Will you plant something in my mind I don’t want?

A. No. You cannot take on anything that is not aligned to your values. HypMeditaton® simply takes you on a journey to use your own resources to give yourself what you need and want. Suggestions can be made such as, feel lighter, feel courageous, feel relaxed, but you will only accept what works for you in that moment. It is like going into a shop and looking for the perfect outfit to wear, you may look at a few, but ultimately what you settle on is the right fit, the perfect colour and feels good just for you. The aim is to take from the HypMeditation® what feels right and good for you and nothing more.

Q. Is it dangerous?

A. It is no more dangerous than meditation. When you listen to a HypMeditation®, you agree not to listen whilst driving, operating machinery or playing it in a way that it may endanger others, therefore listening with ear buds is recommended (you will also hear all the amazing sounds in the soundscape much more easily). The purpose is to relax fully, so it is essential that you find a warm, safe place where you won’t be disturbed and can close your eyes. Some people fall asleep whilst listening, so set yourself up comfortably. If you are unsure or have epilepsy or a mental health condition, then seek the advice of your medical practitioner before listening. Just know that at any time during the HypMeditation®, if you wish to come back into the room, all you need to do is open your eyes. We recommend after experiencing the HypMeditation®, that you take a few minutes to gather yourself, your sense, have a glass of water and come back into the room before undertaking any activities.

Q. Why does HypMeditation® feel so good?

A. We aim to engage all your senses and lead you into happier ways of thinking but most importantly, we try to tap into those positive feelings that you have stored in so many different ways over your lifetime. Additionally, it is a journey into deep relaxation and we all feel so much better once we are deeply relaxed. It’s like a soothing balm for your thoughts and feelings or a Berocca of the emotions. We hope you love HypMeditation® as much as we do.

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