Think of Clinical Hypnotherapy as a long-term solution to your non-serving thought patterns, habits and fears.


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Clinical Hypnotherapy is a sustainable, long term solution to your non-serving thought patterns, habits and fears. An extraordinarily large number of the population have suffered from stress, anxiety, overwhelm, grief and a multitude of other struggles at some point in their life.​ For some, talking about their problems with a trusted professional who can give their support and a different perspective is enough. However, for others who are seeking out further assistance, Clinical Hypnotherapy is an excellent therapeutic modality. Clinical Hypnotherapy aims to release feelings of stress, frustration, anger, guilt, worry, phobias, anxiety and low self esteem, and where possible, replace them with feelings of increased self-worth, confidence, happiness, calm and clarity. All of our individual sessions include a personalised ‘ME’ (mental and emotional) self-care toolbox. Together, we will create your ME toolbox which will include meditation and self-hypnosis tools that you can call upon at anytime, no matter where you are- so you can connect to feelings of inner calm and peace.


Stress   |   Anxiety   |   Phobias   |   Fears   |   Worry   |   Grief
Lack of Confidence   |   Overwhelm   |   Anger   |   Self-Doubt

Stress | Anxiety | Phobias | Fears
Worry | Grief | Lack of Confidence
Overwhelm | Anger | Self-Doubt

Are you ready to make positive changes and have tried everything else with little to no results?

Are you stressed?

Do you suffer phobias such as fear of flying, fear of tunnels, fear of the weather, fear of public speaking, fear of a surgical procedure?

Do you have panic attacks or anxiety when faced with exams, decisions, a deadline at work?

Do you feel overwhelmed?

Are you grieving?

Do you feel defeated or deflated?

Are you sad, angry, have low self confidence and low self esteem?

Do you find it hard to commit yourself to a goal?

Are you lacking in motivation?

Would you like to increase your self esteem, confidence and feeling of balance and happiness?

Would it be nice to see someone confidentially, who has your best interests at heart and unload what's been burdening you, whilst gaining a balanced perspective and advice?

If you have said yes, to any of the questions above then our services may be able to help you.

therapy can help



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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP help?

NO. 1

Clinical Hypnotherapy aims to address the core problem, eliminate or minimise the problem emotionally and mentally and create pathways for new responses, attitudes, behaviours and feelings, creating space for a happier, more confident you. These therapies allow us to look beneath the physical and emotional symptoms into the subconscious to find the underlying cause, and help to facilitate your healing so you can not only live, but thrive at your highest potential.

In an article on Huffpost Australia Edition, Amanda Barnier professor at Macquarie University’s Department of Cognitive Science, stated, “Hypnosis has a really old history — at least as old as psychology, if not older. In the past it has been used to conduct surgeries, amputations and assist people with really severe pain. It actually has a really nice, long, experimental and clinical history and is very scientific.” Further in the article Professor Barnier says, “I’ve sat with thousands of people in our hypnosis laboratory and it’s just me and them having really compelling experiences. And they are complex.”

When you’re completely engrossed in a book or movie, the world around you comes to a stand-still. You are immersed in the present moment and nothing else is competing for your attention. This state is your natural hypnotic state.

Clinical Hypnotherapy brings you back to this deeply relaxed state of altered awareness by using safe, gentle and non-invasive techniques such as guided conversation, symbols, metaphors and storytelling and here, your subconscious mind is more susceptible to positive suggestion and change. By encouraging you to use your imagination, the issue becomes clear and we can more easily find its resolution Some people tell me they feel like their body is light, some people forget they have a body and some people feel like they are floating. A common response is to lose a sense of time, some clients have even said that they experience bliss. It truly is a different experience for everyone, but always exceptionally positive and deeply relaxing.

What does hypnosis feel like?

NO. 2

Who is it for? How does it work?

NO. 3

We like to describe hypnotherapy and the problems we all face using the metaphor of a tree. Imagine for a moment we are a tree, and our fears, phobias and anxieties are its limbs on a tree. We can cut the limbs off the tree but they will always grow back. Sometimes, they may even grow back twisted and distorted. So, in order to address the real issues we need to dig at the root cause and find which roots are causing the problems so we can address them. Hypnotherapy aims to get to those roots through our subconscious. Our subconscious mind stores every thought, every feeling and every memory we have, even if our conscious mind has no recollection. It’s here, deep in the subconscious mind, that dynamic change can occur.

Professionally accredited and grounded in therapeutic outcomes, our services are for everyone, whether you are an analytical, evidence based thinker or spirituality inclined. There are no boxes here. It is our aim to help you feel good. Really good!

Therapy is not forever unless you would like it to be. With Clinical Hypnotherapy, the number of sessions required can be anywhere from 3 to 10 sessions, depending on your needs and the complexity of what you are dealing with. Some clients like to have monthly sessions so they can unload everything that has been happening in their life, reconnect with themselves, get a balanced perspective and enjoy the deep sense of relaxation that Clinical Hypnotherapy provides.

We hold government recognised accreditation and are committed to creating space for you to experience the greatest joy, enormous potential and the limitless confidence that exists within you.

How many sessions will I need?

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We’re happy to answer
any questions you might have.

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