5 Quick Questions With Sophia

​ 5 Quick Questions With Sophia, On Working Through Low Self Esteem, Feelings of Unhappiness…
Five Questions with Sophia | Feel Good Blog
Five Questions with Sophia | Feel Good Blog

5 Quick Questions With Sophia, On Working Through Low Self Esteem, Feelings of Unhappiness In Life, Finding Direction and Managing Stress…


1. Why did you decide to start Clinical Hypnotherapy with Justine Williams?

I had struggled for many years with very low self esteem and tried many things like seeing a psychologist, but nothing had worked. I had used hypnotherapy for the birth of my two kids and knew how it could empower you to overcome anxiety. So I wanted to give it a go as kind of a last resort to find myself, the person who was really inside of me not the insecure, unhappy, lost shell of myself that I’d become.

2. From the first session until now, what have been the biggest changes that you’ve noticed in yourself?

When I first walked in to Justine’s practice I felt lost, alone, depressed and thought it would be hard to change things around. I was in a very bad place. After the 3rd session I couldn’t recognise myself anymore it was like a heavy weight had been lifted. I was happy, growing more confident and relaxed. Justine was so caring and understanding, from the minute I met her, I knew I could trust her and that I was in a safe space. I’m a true skeptic and couldn’t believe the changes that happened and the good thing was they were very subtle it felt like it had always been that way. It’s hard to put into words, but I found the happy confident child (that I was before life happened) again and felt free.

3. What feelings did Clinical Hypnotherapy give you?

I always felt so relaxed and centered and I think I’m much more balanced even in stressful moments. I still get ups and downs, but I have all the tools to deal with them and live in the present. It becomes all about accepting feelings for what they are and living through them not trying to fight or suppress them.

4. What would be your advice to other women who may be struggling right now?

Listen to your gut and give hypnotherapy a go. Even if it’s just for one session. You will know if it is the right thing for you.

5. Why would you recommend Justine?

I did see someone else for the same reasons before Justine. He was a hypnotherapist as well and couldn’t help me one bit. Somehow I knew there had to be someone else out there who could change things for me. Justine was the one. She is someone who has truly found her calling and she puts her everything into these sessions. She is so understanding, caring and makes you feel at home. You won’t regret meeting her!

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