Why Do I Keep Resisting?

    If You Get Stuck In Life, Draw With a Different Coloured Pencil Before…
Feel Good Studio | Why Do I Keep Resisting The Things I Really Want In My Life?
Feel Good Studio | Why Do I Keep Resisting The Things I Really Want In My Life?


If You Get Stuck In Life, Draw With a Different Coloured Pencil

Before we look at your pencil collection, let me ask, what are you resisting in life? An overhauled diet and exercise routine, starting your new business, leaping into that relationship, making that major life decision (or purchasing that slightly over the top, expensive ticket for the NYE Sydney Harbour cruise… by the way, it’s totally worth it, I promise you with my whole heart)

Aha, resistance, its that petulant, wicked little feeling that stops us from taking the next step and I am sure, most of us know it intimately. It’s that brick wall feeling that has the power to make us clean out a cupboard rather than sit down and write that essay. Yep, we all know that pesky feeling that on one hand seems to have so much power and drive to make us do everything else but the one thing we really want to do, yet on the other hand, it yanks on the hand brake and hello….instant whiplash. You are in the no go zone.

So, let’s have a closer look at what’s going on with resistance by ripping off the band-aid and seeing what really lives beneath it. Ouch, ouch, ouch, ohhhh, goodness, what do we have here? An intriguing development it seems. Let me introduce you to self-doubt? Have you met before or are you already familiar?

Regardless of your personal relationship, I am about to give you some incredibly good news; it just depends on how you look at it. Self-doubt can be your greatest ally. Have you heard the phrase keep your friends close and your enemies closer? Yes, what a crazy thought right! But bare with me here. Self-doubt actually serves up a nice fresh dose of aspiration. Self-doubt actually sits with you and reminds you that you are desiring love & success. It’s showing you your personally mapped out path to your desires and dreams. If you find yourself asking yourself and your family and friends,


“Am I really capable of passing my exam, am I really a writer, singer, therapist, good manager, parent?” Then chances are, you are!


The person who asks these questions is the person who really cares and because of that, you are in fact the real deal. You are the genuine article and in that case, it’s natural to feel scared to death.

So, what can we do to move resistance and self doubt out of the way? We can introduce our beloved and emotionally available friend called courage into the picture. Courage will help reframe our thoughts by picking up a new pencil (attitude, motivation, self belief, daring) and look at our self doubt square in the face, embrace it and thank it for reminding us that these dreams of ours are real and very, very wanted. Investing in them by taking another step forward on our path is not only OK but absolutely awesome. Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean that is its impossible, in fact, moving through those feelings of challenge, will actually open up a part of us we didn’t know existed before and who doesn’t want to discover more treasure that’s buried deeply within!

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