The Feel Good Studio is a sanctuary of wellness, calm and joy.

It is Justine’s mission to create a safe space that allows you to discover your happiness and potential, so that you can truly thrive.

Justine Williams is a government accredited, health fund registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and a professional member of the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapy. As a sought after therapist who is referred to by local psychologist’s and GP’s, Justine is one of the most highly recommended therapists on the Northern Beaches Mums fb group and is known for her passion for specialising in the treatment of stress, overwhelm, anxiety and phobias. As a Mum, friend, colleague and former corporate, Justine approaches therapy with her clients in a nurturing, non judgemental and professional way. Her greatest hope for you is that you will fly, on your terms, in your own way. In creating the award winning health and wellbeing company, The Feel Good Studio, Justine wanted to remind you that you, your dreams, hopes and feelings are incredibly important, so every touch point, every offering whether that be in the clinic, at a retreat or as you relax with an award winning HypMeditation® track, is beautifully thought out and feels sublime, because underneath all the layers of life, so are you and you deserve nothing less. Whether you are a busy parent, overworked professional, or a sportsperson with big goals to reach, Justine supports you to step out of the mundane, away from your limiting beliefs and helps you connect back to your power, your hopes and your aspirations so you can feel happy, fulfilled and joyful. 

Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy (Govt. Accredited)


Diploma of Neuro Linguistic Programming (Govt. Accredited)


Certified Hypnobirthing Australia Educator


Meditation Facilitators Certificate (Yoga Australia & Yoga Alliance Accredited)


Reiki Level 2


The International Medical and Dental Association


Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists


The Feel Good Studio is your sanctuary for wellness, calm and joy, and has been purposefully crafted to uplift, support and nurture each person we connect with. Delivering support, tools and the best techniques in the field that allow you to embrace a life that is full of vibrancy, happiness and joy is at the core of The Feel Good Studio. Your go-to retreat for the moments, hours or days where you want to absorb feelings of positivity and return to balance. Inside and out. The Feel Good Studio is where your journey of wellbeing and transformation begins.

From the first time I met Justine, I knew she could see the parts of me that I had forgotten were worthwhile. They were buried underneath alot of layers of insecurity, self loathing and bad relationships. She reached in and pulled out my confidence, motivation and love of life. I definitely feel a lot happier and I like who I am now. A shift has happened.

I came to see Justine having physically lost my voice, confidence and happiness as a result of emotional challenges. As a singer, this was taking a significant impact on my mental health. Justine not only managed to restore my voice completely but also gave me the tools to guide me in my everyday life. She has given me the strength and power to believe and be in control of my decisions.

It’s been an amazing 2019 (even with its challenges), so looking forward to 2020 and beyond, sharing and supporting our dreams and directions we will take on our life’s journey. Meeting and working with Justine is one of the best decisions I've made. You have helped me SO much.

My 15 year old son struggled for many years with bad eating habits and a phobia of eating vegetables. We decided to try hypnotherapy...we can’t believe how much it has helped! Justine was absolutely amazing with my son and empathetic without judgement. My son was instantly put at ease by Justine’s calm and caring personality...Justine changed my son’s life!

Justine is a beautiful person; she has bags of empathy and deep wisdom, much of which comes from her own experiences, which everyone and anyone could benefit from. She guides you with kindness through each session yet keeps a sense of reality and practicality to her work.

Every session was mind blowing and it only got better and better. Justine was always professional and so understanding, she listened but not only did she listen, she heard me. Fast forward to today, I haven't binged uncontrollably since my sessions with Justine, I use the tools and techniques she taught me and I feel like me again.

My thoughts and attitude have changed, for the better. I am my own joyous, happy self again. I am calmer, less angry at myself and the people around me. My cheeriness is back to being contagious. I can smile again. And people have noticed... I can choose to be happy, I just needed a little help remembering.

Since spending time with Justine I feel better connected to my sense of self, calmer, stronger and at peace with who I am that I haven’t felt in a very long time. Book some time with Justine, you will not regret it...the sub-conscious is a fantastic place to explore!

I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for the amazing work you do. I always feel calmer and relaxed after our session…I never thought the feeling that I have now could actually happen. You have saved my marriage and sanity. Thank you again Justine.

I was almost instantly at ease with Justine and her quiet, warm and nurturing demeanor. She helped me lift away the depression and anxiety and find my happy place again. She creates an environment free of judgement and stress and gently gets to the source of the problem and works with you to resolve it and restore some peace.

I highly recommend hypnotherapy treatment from Justine Williams. I was referred to Justine by my massage therapist as I had tight muscles, jaw clenching and headaches due to anxiety.I found my treatment with Justine very effective, she is very professional and made me feel very safe and secure throughout my journey with her.

Just a little note to say thank you so much for my wonderful Hypno sessions. I truly feel like they have changed my life. When you read back my comments from our first session, it blows me away to know how much has changed. I will be forever grateful.

I would absolutely recommend Justine at The Feel Good Studio to my friends or anyone!!! Justine is non judgemental and she has such a wonderful aura about her, she transmits this amazing calming restorative energy to you and it immediately allows one to feel at ease.

Justine was so caring and understanding, from the minute I met her, I knew I could trust her and that I was in a safe space. I’m a true skeptic and couldn’t believe the changes that happened... It’s hard to put into words, but I found the happy confident child (that I was before life happened) again and felt free.

I feel like I am a calmer version of myself & able to get back to being a mum, wife & business owner. It’s just amazing...Justine is such a caring, kind & considerate woman. She truly empathizes with every situation whilst remaining professional at all times!

You've made a massive difference in my life Justine. You're amazing. Hypnotherapy is amazing. I'm so happy. Thank you for everything.

I was a little nervous to contact Justine as I had never really heard of Hypnotherapy & how it could help me conquer my fear, however, we connected immediately & at all times I felt Justine completely understood my needs and was attentive and reassuring...she is one amazing woman who I can highly recommend.

I loved how good hypnotherapy made me feel...I started noticing changes. At first they seemed small but then after 4 weeks, I noticed huge changes. Massive changes. My life had completely changed. I found a new direction, I had developed a really good sense of myself and I was so much happier.

Justine has a beautiful, harmonic voice and Hypnotherapy was easy. She guided me through a variety of techniques to increase my positivity and strength. I would highly recommend this wonderful lady if you are ready to learn and adapt to new techniques to overcome personal challenges

I would like to thank Justine, for an amazing four weeks. I looked forward to each session and walked away with tools that will continue to assist me to create balance in my life.

Justine helped me clarify what was important to me and gave me the courage to stand up for me and my happiness...She made me feel empowered to be just me...Every time I left a session with her, I felt such peace... She can help you with things you didn’t even know were holding you back. She is a gem.

Justine’s lovely energy and the time she puts into each client is worth every cent! And the best bit is I am now living anxiety FREE!!!!

By bringing in small changes to our personal daily routines each week I felt that I was able to successfully incorporate mediation into my daily life. I feel better, am able to self-regulate easier...I would recommend this course for anyone who feels that meditation is just too hard - it’s not, you just need the right teacher.

My unhappiness could not be my story anymore. Thank you Justine, you opened up a new way of being and feeling that I couldn't have imagined possible. I'm still me but significantly happier.

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