Plant the seeds of self-empowerment that continue to grow with every member of your family
throughout their life.


The Feel Good Shop

Each bundle created by Award-Winning Clinical Hypnotherapist Justine Williams, a magical audiobook and toolkit containing hypnotic suggestions, meditative techniques and practical mindset tools to support every child, parent and family to more easily navigate the challenges of daily life so that you can flourish…because life is so much happier, calmer and easier when we are thriving.



The Feel Good Shop

No matter where life may take you, the Feel Good Shop is here to provide you with a greater sense of calm, serenity, and peace. From the quiet of your own home to a hectic day at work or the constant chatter that exists in your mind, we offer a collection of HypMeditation® downloadable recordings that are yours to enjoy, anytime, anywhere. The perfect blend of hypnosis in the form of a guided meditation…HypMeditation® is here to connect you to a higher state of bliss.

Click on each album cover to hear a sample of your wonderful HypMeditation® recording and discover the special ingredients that have been included to float you away into deep relaxation.


What is HypMeditation®?

The perfect pairing of hypnosis and guided meditation effortlessly floating you into a world of inner bliss.

New to HypMeditation®?

Download your very own free HypMeditation®, the perfect blend of hypnosis and meditation, to combat stress and enjoy a deep, profound level of relaxation no matter where life may take you.

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