Your New Home to Feel Good

    You may have noticed that things have begun to grow and evolve here…
Your New Home to Feel Good
Your New Home to Feel Good

You may have noticed that things have begun to grow and evolve here at The Feel Good Studio and we would love to share with you the ‘why’ that sits beneath the intention of our transformation.

It is all about ‘you.’ Yes, you. You see, each and every person that finds their way to The Feel Good Studio is very special to us. We recognise in you a beauty, a freedom, a desire for happiness and wanting to be the best person, partner, parent, friend, neighbour and colleague you can be despite what life throws at you. And boy oh boy or girl oh girl, we take our hats off to you and want the best for you.

It is for those reasons, that Justine Williams, founder of The Feel Good Studio is of the belief that from the moment you connect with our website and social media, attend our clinic, retreats and workshops or float away with all or one of our online products, we are holding space for you. Whether you are just dropping by or immersing into the feel good community here, you deserve nothing but the best. You deserve to feel uplifted, happy and connected from when you arrive here to when you leave.

So, with that in mind and you as our guiding light, we have traveled far and wide to work closely with some of the worlds best designers, music producers, audio technicians, IT guru’s and developers to create a place for you to come home to, gather what you need to restore, reflect and connect to the best parts of you before you launch yourself back into the big wide world doing what you do best.

This meant taking a deep dive into creating what we know for sure would contribute to your happiness and success.

We discovered during this process, a need to grow beyond our wildest dreams and trust just like the beautiful butterfly, by going inwards into our cocoon, a process of transformation would begin to unfold into what we hope you agree is something even more beautiful, more meaningful and even more sublime, where every touchpoint, every offering, every feeling is heartfelt and exceptional – we hope that you see that in our minds, this is a reflection of how we see you.

Our beautiful butterfly containing the letters FG for ‘feel good,’ in its wings is there to always remind you that feeling good is something you deserve in life. Nestling in beautifully with our new website, we wanted to reflect a destination, a place of retreat where you could escape to away from the mundane and pressures of life and leave feeling lighter, more positive, more relaxed, yet energised.

We have spent time listening to what it is that you would like to feel, experience and know in your precious life and have crafted what we believe are very special HypMeditation® recordings which carry the intention of supporting you to plant the seeds to your hopes, dreams, aspirations and the feelings you would rather feel, whilst aiming to let go of those things that simply don’t serve you anymore. With carefully selected words to move you and music and sounds to uplift you (our first series contains the sounds of nature. Birds, monkeys, elephants, oceans and streams, so much natural goodness). The feedback for these recordings is that they are special, deeply moving and inspirational. We hope you agree.

And last but not least, very soon, we are launching a holistic health and wellbeing membership site, a feel good community where you can learn, laugh, connect and enjoy as much or as little as you want. We believe in the spirit of generosity and it is here you can choose to dip into one of the video’s, recordings, Facebook lives or conversations that will support your body, mind, and soul with some very special friends of The Feel Good Studio who will bring you restorative, yin, hatha yoga, pilates, nutritional advice, soul food recipes, express HypMeditation® recordings (when you only have 5 minutes or less to change your state) and inspiring conversations.

Thank you for being part of this, your special community, thank you for being our inspiration and we hope more than anything, it is here that you can feel good. Really, really good.

Justine and the team at The Feel Good Studio xo

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