An Express Guide to What’s Good In Life Right Now

We love looking at new ways of thinking and feeling, we call it flipping the…
Express Guide to What's Good in Life Right Now
Express Guide to What's Good in Life Right Now

We love looking at new ways of thinking and feeling, we call it flipping the coin. Trying to look for the positive in most situations if we can. Sometimes, things can get a little creative in that thinking, but here are a few morsels of magic that we think you may just think are right on-trend.

The Detox: We here at The Feel Good Studio think there has never been a better time to detox our armpits. Errrr whaaaat, yes, you that heard right. We rub that aluminium poison deep into our armpits where those very important lymph glands live every single day. So since we now have to be 1.5 metres apart from each other and we are not allowed to socialize with more than one other person, why not take this time to nurture our endocrine systems and give our lymph glands a break and go deodorant free. If you are turning up your nose at the very thought of rudie nudie armpits, then why try a natural B.O. basher without the nasties. We are trying, ‘Black Chicken Axilla Deodorant Paste’ and it seems like a goodie so far.

The Shift: Now more than ever we have an opportunity to reflect on what we truly want and what kind of life we would prefer after ISO. For some it may be starting a new business and for others, it is leaving a relationship or looking for that soulmate we thought we had once met long ago, or perhaps it’s getting into health and fitness and making a renewed commitment to yourself to only invite in what is mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy for you. Either way, sometimes we need to shift our thinking, so consider this statement and feel whether it resonates: “There are worse things in life than being criticised, you have a choice to stand up and be counted and walk through the lens of courage. So put your best foot forward in your decisions.’ Sometimes that means stepping away from being fearful and stepping into trusting the unknown path that my heart is leading me down.

The Dream: What are you dreaming about enjoying right now? Hugs, connection, freedom to walk on the beach? Who knew that for most of us, connection, hugs, having a coffee with a group of friends, catching a movie at the local cinema with our kids and the ability to sit on the beach would be against the law, even if it is for good reason. We could not have fathomed it a couple of months ago. So let’s delve into what we dream of embracing when isolation is over. Let’s pin our dreams up on a board or stick an image of them on the fridge as a reminder that these things will happen again and rather than thinking of them with a sense of loss, let’s look upon them as an, “I cannot wait.’

The Buzz: A big thank you is in order. Word on the street is that our HypMeditation® downloads are just what many of us need right now. We have weaved in the sounds of nature to transport you away from the mundane of day to day life. Relaxation is key here, so you feel alive, captivated and refreshed every step of the way. Everyone has a different favourite. Justine the founder of TFGS loves The Kingdom of Temple because it is based on her real-life experience of being presented with a gift that she still wears today after an accidental meeting of a Buddhist nun in an old ruined temple. Tom has said that ‘The Mighty Tree’ HypMeditation® recording was absolutely perfect for him and helped him focus on what is important to him right now and what he needed to let go of. Either way, each one is a little like venturing down the yellow brick road, where you may make a few really positive discoveries whilst enjoying the journey of tranquillity. We just cannot wait to hear which one was your favourite.

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