If you could gift your child anything in life, what would it be?

From award-winning Clinical Hypnotherapist Justine Williams, comes an exquisite collection of Hyp Little Fairy Tales® audio books, containing the magical ingredients of conversational Hypnosis and meditative techniques aimed at helping your child arrive at a place where they no longer feel hi-jacked by anxiety, fear and the opinions of others.


Audiobook magic for children and adults alike.

Stories that support and grow your child’s self esteem, self worth and confidence

Does your child?

Finding it hard to concentrate

Difficulty getting to bed

Waking in the night with bad dreams

Quickly getting irritable, and being out of control during outbursts

Constantly worrying or having negative thoughts

Feeling tense and fidgety

Unregulated emotions

Being clingy

Feeling that people will stare at them

Fear trying something new

Feel anxious

Imagine a childhood filled with magical adventures where you step into faraway realms...

…create lifelong friendships with wise and kind mystical creatures who teach you how to tap into and awaken the brilliance that already lays within, so wherever life takes you, no matter how challenging, you can remember that there is a solution to every problem and you are worthy of being liked and loved just the way you are and more importantly, you like and love who you are.

Those adventures, realms and wonderful creatures exist right here, right now and every time you press the play button, they will not only captivate, empower and inspire, but they will also provide priceless gifts that will be woven deeply into the subconscious mind planting the seeds of courage, resilience, calm and hope.

These inspiring stories had to include some very special ingredients, they needed to reflect just how special you and your children are. As C.S. Lewis said:

“It’s likely that children will meet cruel enemies, let them at least have heard about brave knights and heroic courage”

When we feel good, that little voice in our head turns into an empowering superhero echoing words of positive encouragement and support as we need it to be.

However, some children have lost that connection to their inner superhero and for some, they just haven’t met that inner cheerleader yet, so they can suffer with anxiety, feel scared and alone and have self limiting beliefs. And how that looks for each child is different. Some may cry and scream before getting ready for school, some may have had a great day at school but have tantrums at night and not want to have dinner or go to bed themselves. Some children may struggle to make friends, keep friends and become quite introverted. Some kids may become easily overwhelmed and avoid trying new things.

There are many different ways to help a child embrace their inner positive voice and rich storytelling with vibrant characters is so easily relatable.

Juicy good feelings are like Superpowers.

Imagine your child as a calm, resilient, confident, happy kid with a strong, positive inner voice.

Imagine your child seeking out adventure, joining in, and finding it easy to build friendships.

And instead of worrying about obstacles in their lives what if your child was able to reframe situations, and their own inner voice in a way that helps them move forward with positivity and joy. 

Children don’t always have the words or even understand themselves what is going on, they just react to the feelings that are within their minds and bodies.

“As a Mum and therapist, I could see that creating a subconscious toolbox filled to the brim with positive suggestions gifted within hypnotic stories would not only engage children, but could plant the seeds of emotional and mental nourishment deeply within their inner minds

Well actually you are right. But not the way you think. Justine’s soothing conversational hypnotherapy along with rhythmic music and the voices of actors lead your child on an immersive adventure as if they are right there in the story.  The rich soundscape engages the parasympathetic nervous system and puts your child’s mind into a calm, relaxed state ready to explore new possibilities, encouraging your child to flip the coin on the negative and reframe their thoughts and feelings and most importantly, how your child thinks and speaks to themselves. This is crucial.

Sounds like the thing of fairytales- right?

And because words have power, each and every word has been thoughtfully pieced together to lay a solid foundation, so your child can remember who they are underneath all the layers of life.

Want to hear a sample?

Melissa Ambrosini
Bestselling Author, Podcast Host, Speaker

“Thankyou Justine!  Your stories are BRILLIANT in their own right but to know that as my son listens he is getting a more peaceful sleep PLUS building a positive mindset makes me feel amazing.  I have bought the download for all my friends with children (whether they have anxiety or not) and they are always thanking me so I just wanted to pass that thanks on to you!”

Louise, Mother of 2, busy business owner, Queensland

“Love the “Horse Called Thunder” !  Love that it is helping build confidence in my kids especially after all the Covid worries of the last year.  I recommend it to everyone.  A must-have for parents everywhere!”

“Absolute genius!  Justine you have changed miserable, difficult tantrums at bedtime into a relaxed and joyful time. My daughter Sophia listens to ‘Fairies Fae and the Stolen tooth’ every night after we read as part of her bedtime routine.”

“I love listening to your stories as much as my kids do!  I know they work because they have not just helped my kids but have actually helped me too!  Only problem is I keep falling asleep in my daughter’s bed because I get so relaxed listening with them! Will you have any new ones soon?”

“We absolutely cannot wait to hear from you, which one was your favourite and what your child loved about the stories the most, but just know that what I have found most compelling is that adults really love listening to them as well. It will take you back to childhood where your imagination was rich and vivid and you felt free of the pressures of adulthood. These hypnotically therapeutic stories will give you permission to dream all over again.”

Justine xo

Fairies, Fae & the Stolen Tooth


Fairies, Fae engages the imagination and is threaded with conversational hypnosis and meditative techniques whilst focusing on creating neural pathways that assist with

Anxiety and catastrophising: by highlighting that when we take a closer look, things are never as bad as they seem.


Bullying and self esteem: teaching that in order to have a friend we need to be a friend and that we must stand up for ourselves and other.


Words have power, so we need to be careful not just what we say to others but to ourselves as well.


That we are all perfectly imperfect and that is OK.


About the story

Jessica was a strong willed young girl with a big dream. She hoped that one day she could visit the realm of the fairies but the only way that could happen would be if she was granted a wish.

Then one day, Jessica’s little brother lost his tooth and placed it out for the tooth fairy. Now, the tooth fairy doesn’t just leave money when she collects children’s teeth, she can also grant wishes. As Jessica had no more teeth to lose, this was her one and only chance to make a wish, so she stole her brother’s tooth and wished as hard as she could to be taken to the realm of the fairies.

However, Jessica was just about to learn that words have power, and you need to be careful about what you wish for, because the Snapdragon Fae, who are mischievous and tricky little fairies heard her wish and excitedly granted it. The only problem was, Jessica didn’t want to go to the land of the naughty fairies, but it was too late.

This story follows the adventures of Jessica as she flees the Snapdragon Fae whilst helping an injured little owl who needs his wing mended by the Fairy Queen Healer before his time runs out. Together, they befriend a giant wombat named Walnut and his shady friend, Quicksilver the fox who help them find their way to the realm of the fairies. On their adventurous journey, they learn many lessons about friendship, how to navigate scary situations and standing up for oneself.

Disclaimer: Do not listen whilst driving or operating machinery.


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About the story

Thunder is a story about the most beautiful and majestic horse in the land. The farmer who owned him was so proud of his majestic beauty but was terribly afraid he would run away, so he kept him in a paddock surrounded by an electric fence.

Thunder soon learned that if he brushed up against the fence, he would be zapped by it. So, he remained in the middle of the paddock, never galloping with the wind in his mane, or enjoying the freedom of wide-open spaces. He was very lonely, with no friends to play with.

Interestingly, the farmer decided to change the electric fence wire to string in order to save money. However, by this time Thunder believed anything that looked like wire could zap him. So, he stayed in the middle of his paddock, eating his grass, and learning to live with loneliness.

Until one day, on the other side of the fence, along came a little horse called Sparkles. She was beautiful, confident and free and Thunder fell in love instantly. However there was one very big problem, they couldn’t be together because Thunder was fenced in and whilst Sparkles assured him that life beyond the fence was wonder filled, he was still scared of the unknown and even more terrified of escaping.

Thunder didn’t know what to do, until the Wise Wizard of Green Tree Frogs, hopped over and encouraged him to take a leap of faith and to think about what he could do because there is always a solution to every problem.

Quickly, Thunder realised he was fenced in only by his own thoughts. So, he set about looking at different ways to get to the other side of the fence.

Could he dig under the fence? Could he run through it? Could he jump over it?

Thunder was scared, but with the support of his friends and hypnotic suggestions, he took a leap of faith and found his inner courage.

A Horse Called Thunder


Supporting those specifically with fear, those scared to step outside of their comfort zone and reminds us that:

We are not the limiting beliefs that we and others impose on us.


There is a solution to every problem


It's ok to be scared, so trust in your dreams, hopes and aspirations and they'll guide you to new opportunities, greater self esteem, confidence, self worth and higher levels of self assurance.



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