We will be back as soon as the NSW Government allows. We cannot wait to see. Check FB for updates.

The 2 Hour Express Retreat – Northern Beaches

Qi Yoga | Express Retreat
Qi Yoga | Express Retreat

Event Details

DATE: We will be back as soon as the NSW Government allows. We cannot wait to see. Check FB for updates.
TIME: 7.15pm - 9.15pm
WHERE: Luxe Yoga & Fitness in North Manly
HOST: Justine Williams

Would you love to go on a retreat and get away from it all but can’t find the time? Creating time for yourself where you will be nourished and nurtured is important, it helps us remember who we are without all the daily stress and creates a sense of pure relaxation.

We are so thrilled to bring you the 2 Hour Express Retreat. A monthly gathering to help you make time for yourself, create a self-care ritual, unwind and connect with others.The focus for your retreat will be to restore, reflect and connect. Here you will feel warm and cosy whilst you drift into stillness and enjoy profound relaxation. You can let go and open up to new possibilities as we enjoy:

– A calming visualisation that brings the background to the fore and reminds us of our inner qualities whilst creating a sense of stillness.

– Yin yoga. With just 5 slow poses, your body will feel nurtured and completely relaxed now.

– Touch – To lift you even further, each month, we are now including soothing touch. Head-wrapping in the restorative style one month and hot stones in your hands to melt any stress away the next month. There is an element of surprise with each retreat.

– Hypmeditation®. A divine hypnosis that feels like a guided meditation that will take you to a deeply joyful and for some, blissful state where we plant the seeds for inner peace, clarity and tranquility. Here you will learn about hypnosis, experience it and have a greater understanding of how it can uplift you.

We then share an organic tea, berries and organic chocolate together before it’s time to float home. There are some other lovely and uplifting surprises that you’ll enjoy but we will keep that a surprise for your evening.

We can’t wait to see you there.

Due to the tickets selling out within minutes of going on sale, we recommend that you follow our Facebook page where we will post all event links and tickets for sale.

Please note tickets are non-refundable and not transferrable to another retreat however, you can pass them onto a friend if you cannot make it.


About Your Hosts

Justine Williams

Founder of The Feel Good Studio
Justine is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, meditation teacher and retreat facilitator who is passionate about each and every attendee connecting to deep, deep relaxation. As a Mum, business owner and former corporate, Justine understands the challenges and enjoys stepping you away and above life so you can float away. Justine was taught to meditate by Buddhist monks 42 years ago and has been passionate about learning, studying and practising quietening and soothing the mind ever since.

Fiona Noonan

Yoga Teacher
Fiona is a yoga teacher, pilates teacher and nutritionist with an interest in women's health, traditional Chinese medicine and the meridian system. Fiona is a Mum, dedicated restorative and yin yoga teacher and just a divinely lovely person, who you will adore.

Thanks for a gorgeous evening. So deeply relaxing, just what I needed at the end of the week!! I so want a recording of the HypMeditation, it was divine.

I really really really loved last night. Thank you so much for everything. I had the best night's sleep I’ve had in months and breathed through my anxiety this morning and went back to sleep again which never happens!!!

Thanks for a gorgeous evening ladies. You’ve created something very special.

My unhappiness could not be my story anymore. Thank you Justine, you opened up a new way of being and feeling that I couldn't have imagined possible. I'm still me but significantly happier.

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