Bespoke Retreats created when you want them

The Feel Good Express Retreat – Double Bay

Two Hour Express Retreat | Hot Dog Yoga Double Bay
Two Hour Express Retreat | Hot Dog Yoga Double Bay

Event Details

DATE: Bespoke Retreats created when you want them
TIME: 7.30pm
WHERE: Hot Dog Yoga, Knox St, Double Bay
HOST: Justine Williams

Your 2 Hour retreat will immerse each one of your senses, as your body is gently soothed, your busy mind is slowed down and a feeling of deep relaxation becomes increasingly apparent. It is here that you will feel completely relaxed and revitalised.

Creating time for yourself where you unwind and feel nurtured helps us remember who we are without all the daily stress and creates a sense of contentment.

Join us at The Feel Good Express Retreat. A sublime 2 hour retreat where you will dissolve stress and tension and embrace profound relaxation – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Here, you can let go and open up to new possibilities as we enjoy:

– A calming visualisation to bring the background to the fore to remind us of our inner qualities whilst creating a sense of stillness.

– Restorative/Yin yoga to soothe the body and release tension. With just 5 slow poses held for 5 minutes each, your body will melt and begin to feel more supple. Any stiffness will soon dissolve.

– Soothing touch to elevate your senses. Think head-wrapping, restorative style one month and hot stones the next. Each month will be a surprise that transports you into a profoundly peaceful sense of wellness.

– HypMeditation®. This divine blend of guided meditation and hypnosis that will take you to a deeply joyful and for some, blissful state where we plant the seeds for inner peace, clarity and restoration.

We then share an ovvio organic tea, berries and organic chocolate before it’s time to float home.

Spaces are limited to ensure individual attention.

We can’t wait to see you there.

What Others Are Saying About Our Retreats on the fb page:

“Was so relaxing and left feeling very balanced and calm! Thank you” Monique

“Thanks for a gorgeous evening. So deeply relaxing, just what I needed at the end of the week!! I so want a recording of the HypMeditation, it was divine” Karen

“I feel like I’ve been away for a weekend, but it’s only been 2 hours. That’s amazing”

Please Note:

You will receive an email on the Tuesday night before your retreat with instructions on timing, how to find the venue and what to bring. If you have not received the email by Thursday, please contact us via the fb page The Feel Good Studio

Refunds: Due to the limited number of tickets, there are no refunds available, however, if for any reason you are unable to make it, please feel free to pass on or donate your ticket to someone who may be able to use it and let us know.


About Your Hosts

Justine Williams

Founder of the Feel Good Studio
Justine is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, meditation teacher and retreat facilitator who is passionate about each and every attendee connecting to deep, deep relaxation. As a Mum, business owner and former corporate, Justine understands the challenges and enjoys stepping you away and above life so you can float away. Justine was taught to meditate by Buddhist monks 42 years ago and has been passionate about learning, studying and practising quietening and soothing the mind ever since.

Fiona Noonan

Yoga Teacher
Fiona is a yoga teacher, pilates teacher and nutritionist with an interest in women's health, traditional Chinese medicine and the meridian system. Fiona is a Mum, dedicated restorative and yin yoga teacher and just a divinely lovely person, who you will adore.

I really really really loved last night. Thank you so much for everything. I had the best night's sleep I’ve had in months and breathed through my anxiety this morning and went back to sleep again which never happens!!!

My thoughts and attitude have changed, for the better. I am my own joyous, happy self again. I am calmer, less angry at myself and the people around me. My cheeriness is back to being contagious. I can smile again. And people have noticed... I can choose to be happy, I just needed a little help remembering.

I feel like I am a calmer version of myself & able to get back to being a mum, wife & business owner. It’s just amazing...Justine is such a caring, kind & considerate woman. She truly empathises with every situation whilst remaining professional at all times!

My unhappiness could not be my story anymore. Thank you Justine, you opened up a new way of being and feeling that I couldn't have imagined possible. I'm still me but significantly happier.

From the first time I met Justine, I knew she could see the parts of me that I had forgotten were worthwhile. They were buried underneath alot of layers of insecurity, self loathing and bad relationships. She reached in and pulled out my confidence, motivation and love of life. I definitely feel a lot happier and I like who I am now. A shift has happened.

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