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Fast Track to Happiness

$5.95 ex GST

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This stunning express HypMeditation®️ provides a shortcut to increased feelings of happiness in under than 6 minutes.

Listen in the uber, find a quiet spot at work, or set your day up nicely first thing in the morning. This fabulous Express HypMed aims to change your state of mind rapidly.

For the price of an almond milk latte (with organic chocolate sprinkles), the Fast Lane to Happiness Express HypMeditation®️ aka, ‘The Mood Booster’ will leave you feeling happier, lighter, more fulfilled and uplifted.

Whoever said Hypnosis in the form of a guided meditation (HypMeditation®️) is magic was spot on.

So from us to you, enjoy this morsel of goodness, it’s your Hyp-pocket of Bliss!

Price excludes gst.

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